Infographic Design Trends: Data Driven Dreams

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Infographic design trends are like multi-directional signs in the road. Trends that will define the future of infographics are of the sort that will make a client’s social media traffic viral on the spot. In order to build the best SEO strategy into a client’s marketing plan, companies are pressed to insert originality into every caption. Images and links must create a seamless brand identity through messages and customer equity.


Infographic Design Trends: Data Driven Dreams


Valuation of an infographic by a visitor online is summated in a matter of seconds. Marketing professionals charged with the job of advancing customer interests through infographic communications merit premium pricing. No longer the sole provenance of Facebook and Twitter, but an entire range of community placements associated with a customer segment, infographics are future dreams meant to be sourced by target markets.

What price this dream world? Artistic flair, visual creativity and correlation are actually supported by raw data. Market research informs us about trends, and ideological responses in customer segmentation modeling. Application of data to the infographic prospectus has radically transformed the notion of advertising. Metric analysis and survey of customers about products and services is a continuous reporting process.

Environmental changes to a market may have significant impact on customer association with imagery and infographic narrative as well. Each piece of the infographic strategy must be met with business intelligence worthy of King’s Ransom. The stakes are just too high.

The best trends in infographic design make “adopters” out of the masses. Consumer immersion studies tell us that visual imagery is dialectic in inception and interpretation. What consumers tell us about content to infographic marketing is that emotions are aligned with rational choice. Every step of the way potential customers must “feel” your sell as much as they “think” about it.

Forward thinking marketers acknowledge a virtual revolution is underway in the consumer imagination. Harnessing preferences to profit is the major challenge. Investors must believe in the solution. Without “buy in” business would be dead.

Concern that web saturation will reach its maximus soon, argue some infographic specialists, presents more of a challenge than considered. Data driven dreams are only as real as they profit. Utility remains the single most important concept in economic philosophy at this stage in the game. Some have taken this literally, investing in high end interactive infographic campaigns.

Flash based interactive infographics allow designers and developers to visualize layers of imagery on a single interface. Mobile audience reception is limited, however. Graphic supporting devices can cause woe to those companies convinced that everyone on the go is in the loop. Not surprisingly, the most popular infographic storyboard is a static one.

When creating an infographic think originality in avatar. Infographics share the logic of comic strips. Most consumers respond to concise, bold storyboarding. Test run the infographic with a number of like-minded professionals. Design experts offer a trained eye. Good feedback sets the format for effective revision. Online support of infographic communities can assist if no one else available. Collaborate the dream!

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